Size Is Just A Number

One important thing to keep in mind when you're shopping at an online boutique like Ever Rose. We aren't a clothing manufacturer - instead, we stock brands from all over the world.

What you may not realize is that every brand, every manufacturer, has different definitions for their sizes. While they generally fall within certain ranges - for example, a size medium will almost always run 36-38 in the bust - they can be quite varied. In other words, a size small from one brand might fit like an extra small from another brand.

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The Truth About Ordering Online From The USA

Like we mentioned in our very first blog, one of the motivations for starting Ever Rose was to create an easier shopping experience for Canadian fashionistas.

Here's the deal. One of our co-founder Brittany's favourite things to do when visiting the U.S. is shopping. Although many American brands have made their way north of the border, there's quite a few that are still below the 49th parallel. As Brittany put it, "I love owning clothes that I won't spot on a million other people, and shopping abroad helps with that." However, it's not like you can travel every single time you have an urge to shop.

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CPTS Part One - Colour

When it was on the air, we were big fans of What Not To Wear. Or at least, our co-founder Brittany was. Now we're applying the show's key rules about dressing to what we carry at Ever Rose, starting with colour!

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Ever Rose Brand Spotlight: Yumi

When we created Ever Rose, we knew we wanted to stock brands that had some personality - but were also pretty easy to wear.

In getting started, one of the first things our co-founder Brittany did was rifle through my wardrobe and jot down the brand names of items she'd received tons of compliments on over the years. One of the clear winners? Yumi.

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The Easy 1-2-3 Guide to Figuring Out Your Measurements

The number one key to buying clothes online? Knowing what size to buy.

Here at Ever Rose, we provide full measurements for every dress we stock. Why? Because we want you to feel confident in buying the right size off the hop. Of course, if you're still concerned or between sizes, you can always buy two sizes of a dress and return the one that doesn't fit quite right - free of charge! But to save yourself some hassle, we've created a simple guide to figuring out your dress measurements.

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The Fashionista's Ever Rose Manifesto - Part One

One of the first questions I get asked about Ever Rose is why I was motivated to start an online boutique at all. People knew I loved shopping and fashion, but it's one thing to shop and quite another to open a store of your own. 

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