Motivation Monday: Bury the Hatchet

This week’s challenge is to give up those long-simmering grudges you’ve been holding onto. Yes, this may sound impossible, but you’ll feel so much better if you even take initial steps to letting go of past drama.

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Motivation Monday: Gossip Girl Be Gone

This week, we’re challenging you to clamp down on a habit many of us are guilty of – gossip! Whether amongst your friends, coworkers, or family, it can be all too tempting to share scandalous stories, rumours, and whispers. But as you likely already know, gossip can have negative repercussions.

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Motivation Monday: Snack Swap

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This week's challenge is super simple! Swap out your favourite sweet and salty snacks for healthier choices - and learn how to do it with ease here.

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Motivation Monday: Prep for Professionalism

Fashion Woman Preparing for Job Interview Canadian Style Wearing Blog

This week, we're challenging you to take a bit of time to address your professional profile across a few different platforms, so you're always set for whatever opportunities come your way.


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Ever Rose Canadian Style Icon: Becky Kung

We're thrilled to put the spotlight on Becky Kung, author of fashion and travel blog Velvet & Vino. Based in Calgary but with a global perspective, Becky's blog is the epitome of taste! We love Becky's enviable timeless approach to fashion that pairs current day trends with gorgeous staples with a twist.

Becky Kung Velvet and Vino Belle of the Ball Midi Skirt Ever Rose

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Motivation Monday: Wardrobe Remix

This week, we're challenging you to shake up your wardrobe! It's oh so easy to fall into a style rut - but there can be plenty of inspiration in that tired old closet.

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Motivation Monday: Language Lab

This week, we're challenging you to take a closer look at how you speak and what kind of image that projects to the world. We all fall into a few linguistic 'bad habits', but by upping our mindfulness we can also escape them. 

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Motivation Monday: Live Your Dreams

Did you make a New Year's Resolution? Are you striving toward something else in your life? Are you moonlighting in some capacity (or a wannabe moonlighter)? This week's challenge is about taking serious steps forward in accomplishing your goals. 

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Motivation Monday: Be Nice

This week's challenge is so simple, but so important - we're challenging you to be a nicer person. The greatest 'superpower' we all have is to be nice...even when our instincts are telling us not to. 

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Motivation Monday: The Junk Drawer

Junk DRawerThis week we're asking you to tackle the junk drawer - whether literal or proverbial. In other words, this week is all about decluttering or taking care of those painful little household tasks you've been studiously avoiding.

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