Motivation Monday: You Look Fabulous Compliments Challenge

Each Monday, we're rolling out a new challenge to change the way you think, act, do, or feel. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be motivated to try something different for a week. And if you love it, keep it going! 

Karma is a pretty powerful force. Even if you don't believe in what goes around comes around, there's definitely a level of instant gratification when you feel all warm and fuzzy after doing something good. 

This week's challenge is all about spreading the love. Each day, dole out (at least) one compliment to a friend, family member or coworker. You can even give a shout out to a stranger, if you so please.

Your kind words can be shared online, via text, or in person. And the subject of your compliment can be anything under the sun. Love a friend's post on social media? Don't just like it - take the time to leave a comment and tell them why it rocked. Think your cousin's new cropped haircut is super cute? Make a point of mentioning it to them. Did your coworker kill it in a meeting? Give them props after and tell them what you agreed with. 

All too often we think about what we think of someone else, but it's pretty rare for us to consistently share it. But compliments are a fabulous way to boost your loved ones' morale, and it feels pretty darn great to make someone smile when you give one. 

As a follow-up, take note of what compliments you receive this week. Jot them down in your phone or on a piece of a paper and read them each morning while you're getting ready. It's just the spirit lifter to make even the most blah, drizzly morning feel okay. 


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