Motivation Monday: Dress You Up In My Love

This week's challenge is a whole lotta fun. If you feel like you're stuck in a wardrobe rut, it may be time for a fresh perspective. Namely, recruit a family member, friend, or even your spouse to be your stylist for a week. 

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Motivation Monday: Palate Cleanser

Here's a fun fact: your palate changes as you get older. This week's challenge is to revisit foods you've got an aversion to - and see if your palate might be more inviting to them. 

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Motivation Monday: Hair to Be Different

Hair Tutorial Motivation Monday

This week's challenge is oh so simple! We're challenging you to give your head a shake - in the form of shaking up your daily hair routine and style.

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Motivation Monday: Beauty Clean Sweep

Ever Rose Canada Online Boutique Beauty Clean Sweep Motivation Monday

Did you get an invigorating feeling from cleaning out your kitchen cupboards the other week? Well we’re building off that this week, by having your turn your attention to another oft-overlooked part of your life that needs some clearing out. Namely, beauty products. If you thought the expiry date on that salad dressing in your fridge was off-putting, you won’t believe how long many of us hang onto our cosmetics well past their ‘use by’ date.

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Motivation Monday: Time Tracker

Have you ever wanted to find more hours in the day? This week’s challenge may be a tricky way to do just that.

Ever Rose Canadian Fashion Boutique

You may have heard about tracking what you eat for a week, so you get a feeling for where you’re making less healthy choices and what may be triggering them. This week’s challenge is similar, but instead of tracking what you eat, you’ll be tracking what you do.

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Motivation Monday: Clean Out Your Cupboards

This week's Motivation Monday challenge is to take a good look in your cupboards and fridge and clean 'em out - in one respect or another.

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Motivation Monday: Contact Cleanup

We’re suggesting it’s time you cleaned up your contact list. With today’s ever-connected world, it’s important to regularly clean house and make sure you’re linked up with those you want to be in touch with – and detached from those you don’t.

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Being a Buyer Part Three: Sample Sale!!!

What happens to all of wholesale samples after the shows are done and the orders are placed? The reality is, most of those samples just end up sitting around, even though they're often in great condition. That is, until now.

We're psyched to be launching a new Sample Sale program exclusively for Ever Rose customers. We're offering up of-the-moment pieces for end-of-season prices!

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Motivation Monday: Bury the Hatchet

This week’s challenge is to give up those long-simmering grudges you’ve been holding onto. Yes, this may sound impossible, but you’ll feel so much better if you even take initial steps to letting go of past drama.

Ever Rose Canadian Dress Boutique

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Motivation Monday: Gossip Girl Be Gone

This week, we’re challenging you to clamp down on a habit many of us are guilty of – gossip! Whether amongst your friends, coworkers, or family, it can be all too tempting to share scandalous stories, rumours, and whispers. But as you likely already know, gossip can have negative repercussions.

Gossip Canada Fashion Ever Rose


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