Motivation Monday: Make A List, Check It Twice

The holiday season is very much upon us and it can be way too easy to get sidelined by crazy sales and flashy displays when hitting the mall. This week, we're challenging you to be prepared when it comes to Christmas shopping - by making a list!

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Motivation Monday: Get Charitable

This week's mission is totally simple - do something kindhearted each and every day. It can be for a loved one or for a stranger, a charitable organization or an individual. Believe it or not, most charitable acts don't have to involve spending money.

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Motivation Monday: Lunchtime Shakeup

Forget living for the weekend - for those of us with 9-to-5 gigs, we're living for the lunch hour. This blissful break from the daily grind can often be taken for granted however, as we fall into routine that makes this mid-day holiday from the everyday feel as monotonous as our daily commutes.

The solution (and your challenge this week)? Switch things up.

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Motivation Monday: Kick a Habit


They say it takes 30 days to kick a habit (or some variant of that number), but so many people fail at changing their lifestyle because it's too much, all at once. The 'cold turkey' method is well-known as a poor way to change your behaviour. Instead, phased steps are a great way to phase out something in your life that's maybe not the healthiest. This week, we're challenging you to take one of those steps toward booting a bad habit to the curb. 

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Motivation Monday: Get Outdoors Challenge

Not to go all Game of Thrones on you, but winter is indeed coming. That's why we've started to carry more cuddly sweaters and long-sleeved dresses that can be rocked for the next few seasons. But before we set in for a deep freeze, it's time to show some appreciation for the great outdoors before it gets too chilly out. This week, we challenge you to spend an hour outdoors, each and every day.

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CPTS Part Two - Pattern

ICYMI, we've been dissecting Stacy and Clinton's infamous Colour-Pattern-Texture-Shine mantra from What Not To Wear, to help you get over your biggest clothing phobias. Check out part one of our series here, which tackles colour.

Today, we're touching on pattern, an equally scary prospect next to colour for some, but one that we totally love. First, let's cover why we adore prints and patterns so much - and how to overcome your biggest phobias of them!

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Motivation Monday: Summer Wardrobe Switchover

It's September - have you started to feel a chill in the air? While we're still loving the last few days of semi-warm weather, it's also time to get excited about fall fashion! Before you go on an Ever Rose shopping spree however, it's time to 'clean house' in your closet. This week we're challenging you to make the transition from summer styles to fall favourites.

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Motivation Monday: Newsworthy Challenge

Being informed is a beautiful thing - so this week we're challenging you to pick a topic and get interested by following it in the news. To get started, choose either a topic or a country of interest. Topics may include things like the upcoming Federal Election in Canada, a particular project or issue that impacts your community, a foreign issue that you've heard lots about but maybe don't fully get, or a news story that caught your attention.

If you're not sure what exact topic you want to pursue, your other option is to grab a globe (or open up a world view of Google Maps), close your eyes and pop your finger onto a part of the world. Whatever country is closest is the one you'll learn about this week.

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Ever Rose Brand Spotlight: Retrolicious

We're excited to introduce you to another brand in the Ever Rose family. As one of the few online retailers of Retrolicious in Canada, we wanted to take a few moments to introduce you to this fabulous brand and express why we love it so much!

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Ever Rose Canadian Style Icon: Amy Nelson

Our inaugural Canadian style icon is Amy Nelson, the Calgary-based blogger behind Amy Flying a Kite. We zeroed in on Amy's blog primarily because of her dreamy, bohemian style, coupled with her artsy approach to blogging. Favouring floaty, diaphanous dresses, feminine floral prints, and an impressive collection of hats, we love Amy's ability to pair things in a way that feels fresh, unexpected, and totally eye-catching.

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