Motivation Monday: Inner Child

Each Monday, we're rolling out a new challenge to change the way you think, act, do, or feel. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be motivated to try something different for a week. And if you love it, keep it going!

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Life can be stressful and a whirlwind and altogether not fun. There's a reason why 'adulting' exists as a term - because the serious parts of our life are made a little more tolerable by poking fun at them.

This week's challenge is to really add some fun and carefree feeling back into our lives, by getting in touch with your inner child. That's really all there is to it - remember what felt good as a kid, and give it a whirl as an adult.

Is there a long-term goal for this challenge? Not exactly. We're challenging you to do this to remind yourself of the simple pleasures in life; the things that put a smile on your face. You may also discover some adult hobbies that relate well to these moments of easygoing bliss. 

Looking for some inspiration? Here's a bunch of pastimes you may have indeed left in the past - try a different one each day:

  • Play a game of pickup (street hockey, baseball, HORSE, even catch!)
  • Doodle or use a colouring book
  • Play around on a playground
  • Eat something outrageously sweet
  • Do a craft
  • Play an instrument
  • Go swimming
  • Explore nature
  • Have a slumber party with a friend
  • Visit a science or children's museum
  • Dance - learn a routine via YouTube or just jam for 30 minutes
  • Camp in your backyard
  • Visit a theme or water park
  • Take a nap
  • Visit the library and take out some books
  • Blow bubbles
  • Prank someone
  • Draw with sidewalk chalk
  • Initiate a playful game of 'got ya last' with a friend, spouse or coworker
  • Ride a bike may have noticed these activities are also all generally disconnected from technology. While you're welcome to snap a selfie along the way, part of the fun is to forget about that #gramlife and just indulge in something really and truly fun.


August 29, 2016

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