Motivation Monday: Dress You Up In My Love

Each Monday, we're rolling out a new challenge to change the way you think, act, do, or feel. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be motivated to try something different for a week. And if you love it, keep it going!

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This week's challenge is a whole lotta fun. If you feel like you're stuck in a wardrobe rut, it may be time for a fresh perspective. Namely, recruit a family member, friend, or even your spouse to be your stylist for a week. 

That's right. You're handing over the reins for what you're going to wear to a (trusted!) loved one. They'll be in charge of choosing everything from your footwear to your accessories (and even your makeup and hair if you want to go really crazy) - you'll be responsible for following through.

A couple of things to keep in mind to keep this one fun but also practical:

1) Establish a dress code. Your boyfriend might love seeing you in that skintight LBD, but it's probably not workplace appropriate. Identify what is appropriate before getting started (including something as basic as whether denim is allowed in the office).

2) Time frames are fine. If you want to change into sweats or leggings and an oversized tee after work, no one should stop you. The purpose of this challenge is to see how someone reinterprets your 'look' when you're out in public. That being said, if you have any unique events this week - like a night out or a baby shower - consider letting your temporary stylist pick that ensemble too.

3) Thou shalt throw things out. So your loved one has picked out an item you haven't worn six months and you absolutely hate it the day you put it on. Toss it and pick something else - this challenge is partially about pushing your style comfort zone, and if something just isn't working for you, having someone else *pick* it will make it that much easier to eliminate from your closet.

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4) Swap places. Want to make this activity even more enjoyable? While your loved one is styling you, consider styling them. As you paw through someone's wardrobe, you might end up finding waves of inspiration for yourself. You can team up the week before for a dual-closet styling session, or if they live with you, take turns each morning picking out the other one's ensemble.

5) Document the challenge. In general, documenting anything makes you more likely to stick with it - but this is a particularly fun one to share with your social circle. Let everyone know when you're starting the challenge and post daily photos of your styled look - and feel free to share how you're feeling / what's different about that outfit from what you'd usually wear.

While this isn't entirely a sustainable challenge from week to week (unlike a lot of our other Motivation Monday posts), it's certainly a fun one to break out on occasion. Try it once or twice a year with different people and bust those style ruts, one week at a time.

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