Motivation Monday: Get Resolved

Each Monday, we're rolling out a new challenge to change the way you think, act, do, or feel. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be motivated to try something different for a week. And if you love it, keep it going!

It should come as no surprise that this first full week of the New Year, we're challenging you to come up with a New Year's Resolution (or two, or twenty!) to help motivate you to make a change this year.

Need some place to start? Definitely check out our other Motivation Monday posts for ideas - each of those 'weekly' challenges works just as well as an annual challenge in lots of cases. Or check out our quick list below for a few flashes of inspiration:

  • Start a new fitness regimen
  • Do little acts of kindness
  • Volunteer with or donate to a charitable organization
  • Clean out your house
  • Reorganize your finances
  • Commit to a major life change (like moving)
  • Implement a cleaning system
  • Change up how you eat
  • Take a course or start a new hobby

Of course, the hard part of resolutions typically isn't making them - it's keeping them. Here are our top three tips for sticking to your New Year's resolutions:

1) Create a realistic goal - If your initial resolution is unattainable, you'll only fail and possibly get frustrated with yourself. The most successful resolutions are the ones that don't involve a major 180. Don't force yourself to go 'all in' from day one. Consider scaling up - for example, if you resolve to eat less meat this year, start with Meatless Monday, then work your way up to less meaty meals throughout the week over time.

2) Document your progress - It's amazing how much more accountable (and successful) you'll feel if you document how you're doing with your resolutions. You can jot down daily notes in a journal, write blog posts, create vlogs, or even just share a social media status update. Even if your progress tracking is private, it's still a vital part of sticking to your resolution as it helps you keep tabs on how far you've come (or where you're falling short).

3) Get a buddy - Want to really hold yourself accountable? Team up with a friend or family member and hold each other to your resolutions. They don't necessarily have to be the same thing, but if you have similar goals it can be a good way to stay extra motivated. For example, if your goal is to volunteer with a charity, you and your friend can both sign up to volunteer monthly together - giving you an excuse to see each other! And if your goals are different, just make a point to email or text or talk in person on a regular basis. Think of them as your 'Resolution Sponsor'!

Do you have any resolutions this year? we'd love to hear about them!


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