What Does 'True To Size' Mean?

We wrote a blog post not that long ago about shopping online and dress sizes. The gist? That you should never freak out about ordering something other than your 'usual' size - Canadian online clothing boutiques like Ever Rose order from a range of brands, and every brand has their own unique way of determining the size of their 'girl'.

At Ever Rose we typically don't define a standard size, simply because we know it can range so much from brand-to-brand. Instead, we'll put 'Fit Matters' notes on our clothing to help you understand when a garment fits a little bigger or smaller, or whether it has stretch that can give you some literal wiggle room. For example, the Bright Lights, Bigger City apartment printed dress above fits bigger - so we recommend sizing down.

But of course, we have to base even those guidelines on something. So what does it mean when an item is listed as true to size? Typically speaking there are some industry standards for how clothing fits in North America. These standards are tied to the sizes of small, medium, and large in particular, as each brand's definition of extra small and extra large tends to be a lot more varied. You'll notice that the standards are also ranges - this is to reflect the fact that not every brand sizes things exactly the same.

Why are we telling you all of this? Because it should help make online shopping easier for you - and that is 100% our goal! Below is a handy guide to what the industry standards are for small, medium, and large size ranges. When you're shopping online, start with your standard size, but take careful note of the measurements we provide to gauge whether it's a 'true small' or a 'true large'. If you're not sure how to measure yourself, we've got a blog for that too. Another pro tip? Take a favourite dress that fits you particularly well and try measuring it by laying it flat. Then double each measurement to understand your 'true' size.

  Small Medium Large
Bust 34-36 36-38 38-40
Waist 26-28 28-30 30-32
Hips 35-38 38-41 41-44

You'll notice that there isn't a standard size for length. In general however, you can assume that larger sizes will be a little longer. The reason? A body with more voluptuous curves means the fabric has more body to cover. A longer length offsets different body types, so a dress in a size large and a size small should appear the same length on two girls standing next to each other that are the same height.

We also want to mention that UK sizing is a whole different ball game. These dresses typically come in sizes 8 to 16. We associate Size 8 with extra small, but in reality UK dresses don't perfectly align with the standard chart above. Again, we provide full measurements on every dress we stock - but don't be shy about asking us for more details or to help pick your best size! You can always reach out to us by emailing shopeverrose@everrose.com for assistance when picking your dream garment.

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