Ever Rose Brand Spotlight: Retrolicious

We're excited to introduce you to another brand in the Ever Rose family. As one of the few online retailers of Retrolicious in Canada, we wanted to take a few moments to introduce you to this fabulous brand and express why we love it so much!

As we've mentioned, when our co-founder Brittany was planning what brands to stock at Ever Rose, she started by rifling through her own wardrobe to identify what dresses she racked up the most compliments with. One of the clear winners? Retrolicious.

Retrolicious is a US-based brand that specializes in cotton dresses rendered in amazingly eye-catching prints. Given Ever Rose's M.O. of carrying special, memorable pieces with personality, it was a fashion match made in heaven. We love cotton because it's an easy-to-maintain fabric, yet it's harder to find standout prints in it. Not the case with Retrolicious, which has some of the peppiest, most delightful prints you'll find - like with the Crazy in Love dress pictured above.

Retrolicious also has totally wearable silhouettes, often in longer lengths that make them appropriate for work or formal occasions alike. As a bonus, their cotton dresses in particular almost always feature pockets, including on The Hills Are Alive dress!

As you may have guessed with a name like Retrolicious, the brand also tips its hat to retro styles, like with the Cartoon Hero dress above. From its flirty silhouette to the sweetheart neckline to the comic print dress, this fresh dress is a modern take on a classic era.

Another fabulous thumbs up for Retrolicious? The fact not only are they based in the US, all of their dresses, including the Drop of Golden Sun dress above, are made in the US too. That means you can purchase the dress and rest easy, knowing it's been made to high quality standards in a safe and healthy work environment.

We also wanted to point you in the direction of some of our fabulous new Retrolicious styles from their Gallery collection, like these two beautiful dresses derived from Van Gogh's greatest works. Not only are they absolutely stunning, they're rendered in an ultra-flattering fabric that travels well. Plus, their longer lengths make them excellent, stand out choices for office wear.

We hope you adore Retrolicious as much as we do! Feel free to tell us your fave Retrolicious styles in the comments below.

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Deena Simair

Deena Simair said:

These are beautiful dresses!!!!! I don’t think I could pick a favourite, however, the Starry, Starry Night inspired one is calling my name, so I will call that my fave, until I see more, I’m sure and change my mind :)


shaunacey said:

love how unique these pieces are!!!


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