4 Ways to Reinvent Your Dresses

At Ever Rose, we love dresses because they're an easy way to make a fashion impact without having to fret about mixing and matching and accessorizing yourself to insanity. A statement-making dress can truly be all you need, making getting dressed in the a.m. a total snap.

However, as a single piece of clothing it can be tempting to gloss over your dresses when rifling through the racks. After all, you don't want to be seen wearing the same thing over and over again. The good news? There are actually tons of ways of reinventing your favourite dresses and extending their wearability. Today we're highlighting just a few options for making your dresses more versatile.

Option 1: Top It Off
Your favourite dresses also work great as tops when tucked into longer skirts. You'll typically want to stick with an a-line or flared skirt to give room for your dress underneath. Also important? Watch the seam line at the waist of your dress - if it's higher than the waist of your skirt it can look awkward. The great thing about this tip is it works whether your dress is more blousey or if it's more fitted, like the Great Escape Dress.

Option 2: Skirt It Up
Unsurprisingly, if you're covering up the bottom of your dress with another skirt, you can also rework the bottom of your dress into a skirt. This can be slightly trickier as you can't tuck whatever top you're throwing on into anything. One of the easiest ways to make this look work for you is by rocking it in the fall or winter - layering a loose sweater or sweatshirt is a comfortable way to put a new spin on a fave dress. It's also a great way to make a lightweight summer style, like the C'est La Vie dress, work all year round.

Option 3: Make It a Tunic
Naturally, this tip works best if you're working with a shorter dress, like the Riders on the Storm dress. Layering a dress over skinny jeans or leggings is another unique way to transform it into a tunic or even a top. One strategy to really differentiating your dress is to add in a belt and draping it over to raise the hemline a bit.

Option 4: Add a Blazer
Give your favourite dresses a more polished vibe by pairing them with a blazer. This is actually a fantastic way to transform some of your more casual dresses into work-appropriate styles. Same goes for slightly more formal styles - if a dress you love has a tricky back or a lower cut neckline than you'd normally wear in the office, like the Night Fever dress, a blazer can be a smart way to make it work for work. It's also a chic way to dress up your look for nighttime, especially when paired with a tuxedo-style jacket.

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Style by Fire

Style by Fire said:

Very cute ideas! Love the first two.


Ever Rose

Ever Rose said:

Thank you Style by Fire!

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