What to Wear for Wedding Season Part 1: The Shower

With summer in full swing, chances are there's a wedding or two (or more) on your calendar in the next few months. If you're like most gals, you're probably scouring the racks (real or virtual) to find a new standout dress to don for this most special of occasion. But of course, wedding season isn't just about being a wedding guest. We're highlighting some awesome ideas for what to wear to your next wedding or associated event - starting with the wedding shower!

Before the big day usually comes an opportunity to sit down and help the bride-to-be get set for her new life. While some showers are getting increasingly creative with their setting or theme, in general we're talking about a casual afternoon or evening with the bride, her wedding party, family members, and closest friends. Here's how to gauge what's appropriate to wear:

1) What's the setting or activity? Is it a semi-formal tea? A huge gathering at a town hall? A casual backyard BBQ? You want to be comfortable and you definitely don't want to be underdressed or overdressed.

If you're scouring your wardrobe, we recommend bright colours and neutral prints - it's a great way to lend a celebratory vibe to the festivities without shouting 'look at me!' The Swing the Spinning Step dress is a great example - it's an easy-to-wear silhouette, the colour is cheerful and punchy, and the print adds a nice bit of visual contrast.

2) What time is the event taking place? A day dress may look out of place at an evening gathering and vice versa.

When in doubt, go for something that can be worn from day-to-night, like the Isn't She Lovely dress. The bold print and slightly shorter length can be styled to suit a daytime or evening event by swapping out a few accessories.

3) What's the bride wearing? If she's planning to show up in jeans and a blouse, you may want to skip that super frilly dress. All attention should be on the bride!

That's not to say you can't wear a fun or peppy colour. Weddings are all about celebrating and showers are often a rainbow of fun hues. Show off your inner sunshine by wearing the Melt Like Lemon Drops dress. Between the lemon yellow colour and the delicate embroidered hem, it's a perfect mix of girly and appropriate.

Stay tuned for more wedding event dress ideas! And be sure to tell us what your fave looks are from Ever Rose.


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Jennifer said:

Melt Like Lemon Drops always catches my eye. The colour is fabulous, the cut is flattering, and the details are flirty. Love it!

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