What to Wear for Wedding Season Part 3: The Wedding Guests

Shopping for a party dress for wedding dress season in Canada? Look no further. Ever Rose carries loads of trendy dresses that will pop at your next formal occasion. However, we also believe that many of the dresses you can rock at a wedding can be worn for other parts of your life - including backyard BBQs, a romantic dinner, trips abroad, or even to the office. Today we're highlighting some of our favourite wedding guest dress styles!

The Dress: Flicker Like Fireflies
The Vibe: Pretty, sparkly, and a touch whimsical
The Occasion: The bright emerald hue and relaxed cut of this dress make it an excellent choice for laidback summer wedding, such as a backyard affair or an event held in cottage country. With the slightly dropped waist and slip, it's also a nod to the 1920s and would be a cute pick for a vintage wedding.
Accessorize With: A spangly copper clutch and chunky platform heels. You can mostly skip jewelry with this dress, apart from perhaps a bangle or a pair of earrings - the copper accents do all the sparkling for you!
'Wear' Else?: While the dress is chic enough for a wedding, it's also something easy to throw on for a party at a friend's place, drinks with friends, or a casual day at the office.

The Dress: To The Ends of the Earth
The Vibe: Dreamy, ethereal, and worldly
The Wedding: Any chic wedding, particularly those held at a trendy venue like an art gallery or a converted warehouse space. It's also a fun choice for a destination event.
Accessorize With: A pair of high, strappy shoes in a metallic hue and a clutch that picks up one of the many colours in the dress. Try some ethnic-inspired jewelry, like a stack of silver bangles, to amp up the international flavour.
'Wear' Else?: Pack this dress for your next trip abroad - it travels well and can be dressed down with some flat sandals or dressed up for dinner with some smart accessorizing.

The Dress: Fairest of Them All
The Vibe: Free-spirited, playful, and trendy.
The Wedding: Any outdoor summer wedding makes for a great showcase for this striking wedding guest dress. Whether at the beach or in the woods, you'll blend right into the scenery while still turning heads.
Accessorize With: Long, curly hair and a small leather shoulder bag.
'Wear' Else?: The flower print helps this dress easily transition from day to night, city to country, formal to casual. The longer midi length can easily transform this dress into a boho style - wear it with lace-up gladiators and oversized shades for a cool brunch or shopping look.

The Dress: Running Wild, Looking Pretty
The Vibe: Feminine, classic, and sweet
The Wedding: A classic Saturday afternoon and evening event. The longer sleeves also make it an ace choice for an early autumn or spring wedding.
Accessorize With: Shiny black shoes and an Audrey Hepburn-style chignon.
'Wear' Else?: This charming dress offers up miles of style. It can be worn to other formal occasions, like a wedding shower, but it's also a cheerful way to brighten up the office.

The Dress: Amazing Grace Maxi
The Vibe: Dramatic, striking, and alluring
The Wedding: A fashionista's wedding, where the guests are fabulous, fashionable, and going to ask you where you got your outfit. We love impactful maxis as a chic alternative to a traditional evening gown, and the halter neck, tie at the neck, and dramatic slit make this a perfect (and more affordable) pick.
Accessorize With: Your hair up, a box clutch, and a fierce pair of shoes.
'Wear' Else?: Take your hair down and throw on an oversized fringed bag and you've got a laid-back earth goddess look for the weekend.

The Dress: Night Fever
The Vibe: Fun, effortless, and ready to party!
The Wedding: A cocktail party - no stuffy dinners, no drawn out days, just lots of good times, good company, and good drinks.
Accessorize With: A long lariat necklace and 70s-inspired platforms.
'Wear' Else?: You tweak the vibe of this dress simply by throwing on a cardigan or shrug - the open back is gone while still offering up a bit of alluring decolletage.

Truth be told, almost all of our dresses could be worn to a wedding, with the right accessories. We'd love to hear about your favourite wedding style picks in the comments below! 

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