CPTS Part Two - Pattern

ICYMI, we've been dissecting Stacy and Clinton's infamous Colour-Pattern-Texture-Shine mantra from What Not To Wear, to help you get over your biggest clothing phobias. Check out part one of our series here, which tackles colour.

Today, we're touching on pattern, an equally scary prospect next to colour for some, but one that we totally love. First, let's cover why we adore prints and patterns so much - and how to overcome your biggest phobias of them!

Prints are a great way to draw attention to your clothes, while potentially glossing over your shape. Any bits you aren't in love with? A peppy print draws the eye away from your actual figure and makes people take look at your dress. One common concern with prints is not wanting to be overwhelmed by the pattern. The solution? Go for a print that suits your height and shape. Larger prints, like on our Crazy in Love dress, won't overwhelm a tall or curvy gal's frame, while petite ladies may want to stick to micro prints, like the polka dot on our C'est La Vie dress. Medium-sized prints? They tend to work on just about everyone.

Another reason why we love prints is also a reason why some people are scared of them: accessorizing. When you're wearing something printed with lots of colours, like the Penny For Your Thoughts Maxi Dress, it can appear overwhelming to choose matching accessories. But prints are oh so easy to work with, because you can pick up any of the colours in the skirt, for example, and easily look coordinated without going too matchy. With this skirt alone you can pick up the hints of pink, periwinkle, sky blue, and cobalt in your shoes, bag, or gems, or accessorize with brassy gold jewelry.

Prints are also a great way to incorporate colours you love, but otherwise don't feel like you can wear. For example, yellow can be a tricky colour for people to pull off - but when set against the radiant blue backdrop of the When The Stars Go Blue dress, you'll be surprised at how sunny and cheerful the hue looks on you.

Still quaking in your boots about print? Relax, we've got some beginner tips for you. First, prints don't have to be wildly dramatic to be impactful. Even something like a classic stripe with a twist, like with the Drift Away dress, can be a variation on a traditional print. Another option is to go neutral. The monochromatic newsprint hues of the Bright Lights, Bigger City dress make this otherwise eye-catching print a little more palatable for print-phobics. Another option? Opt for a dress that feels more solid than printed by going for a two-toned print, like the simple teal and white design of the Swing The Spinning Step dress. If you're comfortable with colour, it's a step toward embracing your printed side.

At Ever Rose, we love print because it gives dresses personality and makes it oh so easy to have new faves in your wardrobe. Even the simplest silhouette - like this stretchy sheath cut - is given new life when infused with a bold, eye-catching print. And no worries if you have to work your way up to loving something like the Let Your Colours Burst dress - we've got plenty of options to help you get there!


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