The Fashionista's Ever Rose Manifesto Part 2: Love It or Lose It

How many times have you spotted something online or in the stores that you absolutely l-o-v-e, only to plan to wait till it's on sale? An intrepid fashionista may make an effort to haunt the item or store until she spots a discount and then go in for the fashion 'kill'. A less devoted shopper may simply decide that if the item happens to be available on sale down the road, she'll happily pick it up. Or you may intend to get it in the future, only to be heartbroken when the store is sold out of it. Such are the risks of waiting for a sale. Of course, there are definitely items that are too amazing, too perfect, too lovely not to pick up on the spot - particularly if there is just one of an item left in your size. 

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an alternative? A way to get what you want, the moment you see it, at a fair price?

Here's the clear and honest truth from us - we aren't big fans of sales. That's not to say we'll never have a sale or discount an item, but in general, if you see something you love on our site, it's probably in your best interest to nab it instead of hoping and waiting for a sale. For one thing, we almost always carry limited numbers of our stock - with as little as one item per size. We'd hate for you to be devastated by 'holding out' for a discount, only to find out not only is the item gone, but we can't restock it. 

Now before anyone calls us greedy, let us explain why we don't really do sales. First and foremost, oftentimes a sale is a psychological strategy that makes you feel good about buying something, when in fact you may just be getting played by the retailer. Many retailers will set their own prices, and then 'discount' the item to give the impression of a bargain. Those $400 designer jeans that are marked down to $150? It's entirely possible the suggested retail price is actually $150. We've also encountered situations where the retailer will change out their pricing the night before a sale launches to increase their margins. We don't dig mind games, so we don't play them with our fans. 

Still other shops have been known to inflate their profit margins, so that when it comes time for a sale, they're still making more than whatever their discount suggests. For example, they may price an item at $70 that only cost them $20 to buy. So when it's on sale for 50% off, they're actually still making $15 in profit. That gap is even more for mass mall retailers that earn huge volume discounts.

While we don't fault retailers for doing any of these things, we'd rather be upfront and honest with you. We have fair pricing that isn't artificially inflated, so you can pay the fairest price possible the day it lands in our store. Where we can find savings, we pass those same savings onto you.

To use a real-life example of this, we carry a gorgeous anchor print dress from Pink Martini called the Good Ship Lollipop Dress. We sell this dress for $55 CDN - but we also recently spotted it on a major American indie boutique for $59 USD. That's $4 more than we charge - not including the exchange, which really makes this a $70 CDN dress. However, if this other store sells it for 20 or 30% off, you'll feel like you're getting a 'deal' - but wouldn't you just rather buy it the second you see it, when you want it, guaranteed in your size, rather than wait for a sale? 

Yeah, we thought so. That's why, in a nutshell, we aren't so big on sales.

We want you to have a positive shopping experience every time you visit Ever Rose, and we're sure you're with us when it comes to paying a better price from the get go than be tricked into one down the road. And for the record? We treat our fans nice. We offer discount codes to our Ever Rose gals on future purchases, as a way to say thanks for buying what you love - now go on ahead and treat yourself again. Way, way better than holding out for a sale. 



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