Ever Rose Brand Spotlight: Mata Traders

We love working with brands from around the world to carry the best styles we can - but today's featured brand is truly a global story.

Mata Traders is a U.S.-based fashion brand that works with organizations that support women in countries like Nepal and India. These groups employ women at fair wages, educate them with new practical and business skills, and empower them toward independence.

When you're buying a Mata Traders dress, you're buying a Fair Trade product. This means the relationship between the parent brand and the producers is transparent and respectful, and a fair price was paid for the goods received. Not only that, but the 600 or so Mata Traders employees work in a safe and clean environment, or even work from home instead of from a large factory. The employees are also given many familiar perks, such as daycare, medical benefits, and overtime pay.

Beyond the feel-good aspect of Fair Trade, there's also an artisanal aspect to Mata Traders that we love. The dresses we carry from Mata Traders are all made from 100% cotton, and traditional hand block printing helps create the unique patterns of every style. It's a classic method of printing that dates all the way back to the 12th century, and it's ultra cool that Mata Traders has decided it's worth preserving.

Of course, we wouldn't carry Mata Traders if we didn't feel they belong in the wardrobe of an Ever Rose girl. The good news is, they totally do. Mata Traders dresses tend to be longer in length, and the cotton fabric makes for straightforward care. The classic silhouettes are easy to wear, while the fun and vibrant prints and colours bring the personality we adore. Plus, they often feature special details, like pockets, a unique neckline, or ruching.

Want to check out our current Mata Traders styles? Click here to view them - and be sure to tell us if you love shopping Fair Trade!

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