5 Things We Love About Online Shopping

Ever Rose is an exclusively online boutique - in fact, we're one of the few online-only clothing retailers in the country. Why did we choose to go strictly online? Because we love ecommerce and the benefits it provides for our fans. Here are five awesome things we love about shopping online.

1) Our Lower Costs = Your Lower Prices
When you run an online-only store, you generally have lower overhead costs. We don't have to pay rent on a retail space for example, and even little things like electrical bills, hangers, mannequins, and hourly staff aren't on our radar. By keeping our overhead low, we don't have to inflate our prices to help cover our costs. That means you get great prices on all of our merchandise, so you can buy even more pretty pieces for your closet. 

2) We're Ready When You Are
Unlike retail stores, we don't have set hours. Ever Rose is open 24/7. Whether you have a whim to shop in the middle of your workday or in the middle of the night, we're here for your browsing pleasure. And if the weather is crummy or you're without a car, you can still shop with us anywhere - pull up Ever Rose on your phone, grab your laptop and curl up in bed, or check new arrivals while waiting for the bus. We're always here!

3) Your Hallway Is Your Runway
Trying stuff on in a fitting room isn't the greatest. You can easily feel rushed, cramped, or distracted. The lighting can be funny. You can be dizzy with excitement and make an impulse buy. When you shop online, you get to try things on in the comfort of your home. In fact, you can try on a dress a half-dozen times and if it isn't speaking to you for some reason, we offer free returns. Plus, you can try an item on with other things in your closet, to make sure it actually does look great with that pair of shoes or that blazer you envisioned pairing it with.

4) What You See Is What You Get
This is specifically related to Canadian online shopping, but it's an important one. When you shop online with an American boutique, the prices can seem oh-so-fabulous. Then you look at your credit card bill and see the hefty exchange rate. And the pricy shipping costs on top of that. And then the item arrives and you're hit with another $15-$20 in duties or taxes. When you shop at a Canadian boutique like Ever Rose, all of our prices are totally transparent - you'll see total taxes and shipping costs at checkout. No surprise costs. Plus, way faster shipping - most of our customers receive their items in as little as two days!

5) The Special Factor
Why are indie boutiques so amazing? Because on a daily basis, chances are very slim that you'll see someone strutting down the street in the same outfit as you. The brands we work with carry limited runs of their styles, and we ourselves carry a limited number of each piece. We love that 'exclusive' factor of wearing something that's envied by many and worn by few. So if you want to break the mold of 'mall clothes', shop online - you're way more likely to stand out from the crowd.

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