3 Tough Questions to Ask When Decluttering Your Closet

We recently talked about the importance of organizing and decluttering your wardrobe to make getting dressed in the mornings way easier (and enjoyable!)

But we get it. It can still be tough to look in your dresser or closet and make the tough choices when it comes to getting rid of something, whether you're donating, swapping, or selling. If you've got some iffy items, or if you simply want to be thorough in assessing your closet's value, then ask yourself these three questions when sorting through things.

1) If I had to wear this for twelve hours, how would I feel?
In other words, how comfortable are you in an item? If it's the type of dress that you have to wear three layers of shapewear under or you find yourself constantly tugging at an item, chances are you wouldn't feel great when wearing it for any great period of time. If something doesn't fit quite right, or makes you feel uncomfortable, get rid of it.

2) If I saw this on the rack today, would I still pick it up?
We outgrow our clothes in one way or another. Maybe it doesn't suit your body shape anymore, or your lifestyle. Maybe the trend that inspired you to buy an item has passed. Or perhaps it simply doesn't feel age-appropriate. Imagine walking through a favourite store and seeing each item on the rack. Would it still make you stop? Try it on? Take it home? If not, that item may have worn out its welcome in your closet.

3) How often do I really wear it?
We all have those items that seemed like a great idea at the time, but in reality rarely get trotted out. Keep in mind, this rule isn't quite as universal as the two above, because chances are you only have a handful of formal occasions, so if you're not wearing that cocktail dress more than once or twice a year, don't feel bad (although do ask yourself Question #2). Instead, think about what would happen if everything in your closet suddenly vanished and you were left with that one item (plus clothes to wear with it of course). How would you feel? If the sensation is overwhelmingly full of dread, you've probably landed on an item that's past its prime in your life.

That being said, you can also use this as an opportunity to find new ways to remix an item. When you bought that bright blue cardigan, you probably pictured pairing it with a dress here or a blouse there. What new things have you bought since then? Have you tried matching them up?

Or look at adding something new to the mix. You've got a beloved denim jacket that isn't getting enough wear time. Is there a dress on Ever Rose you can picture wearing with it?

Asking these questions is a great way to help you part ways with clothes you aren't quite as in love with anymore. And no worries - there's plenty of favourites waiting just around the corner for you to discover them.

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