Being a Buyer Part One - Trade Shows

Here at Ever Rose, we want our store to be your store too. That's why we're happy to pull back the curtain a bit on what it's like to own a boutique, starting with today's post on what it's like to be fashion buyer.

As you can imagine, one of the most fun parts of running Ever Rose is buying. That basically means we're responsible (along with a trusty team of influencers) for selecting the items we carry. When we created Ever Rose, we definitely had a clear of idea of what kinds of clothing we were going to stock. The result is we have a bit of a checklist we apply to most items in terms of how easy it is to wear, whether it's something we think is special enough to get you stopped on the street and complimented, and how appropriate it would be for all the different areas of your life - work, events, social outings, relaxing, vacations.

This past spring, we went on our first buying trip to one of the regional trade shows in Canada. Basically twice a year, individual brands and their reps will gather at an event center for a private show, where you have the opportunity to preview in person the upcoming season's lines. So in March, we were actually shopping for Fall 2015 (although the clothes will start trickling into Ever Rose as early as July!)

It's a great experience because it gives you the chance to actually see and feel the items up close. For us at Ever Rose, this is particularly important because we get to run through that checklist - Is it too short? Does the back make it tricky to wear a bra with? Is the fabric itchy? - and help us narrow down what we want to carry.

On the flip side, it's also exhausting. We spent a single day at the show - which typically run for about three days - which was probably a tad ambitious. Depending on how many appointments you book or vendors you stop by, each brand typically produces about 75-200 items per season. And some reps will be showcasing multiple brands. We knew what general items we were looking to stock off the hop (dress, cardigans, tops, sweaters, and skirts - oh yes, more stuff is coming soon!) which helped us narrow things down a bit, but in all, we probably looked at some 2,000 items in one very long day.

Because of the volume of items we looked at, we chose to take photos of the things we were considering and then pore over them once we had a bit of space and mental clarity. Some folks will place their orders right at the show, but we wanted to see what stood out in our minds after a day or two, and take a peek at our photos to see what we thought you guys might love as much as we did.

While attending a show is pretty grueling - and there are other ways to shop, as we plan to share with you in future posts - it's also tons of fun. We can't wait for you to see what's coming for our fall collection (including the items you see in this post), so stay tuned. Want to see more snaps from our trade show visit? Leave a comment and let us know!

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