3 Strategies To Refresh Your Wardrobe

We've all been there. That moment in the morning when you stand looking vacantly into your closet (having rifled through your drawers already of course) only to feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear. It's a terrible feeling when you rush into work having thrown on whatever half-felt okay. 
In the spirit of spring cleaning, today we're highlighting three ways to refresh your wardrobe and help make what you love feel new and exciting again, while simplifying that morning conundrum of 'What should I wear today?'
Strategy One: Purge Party
One of the best ways to combat closet chaos is to simply clean it out. Every six months - say, when swapping warmer clothes for summery ones and vice versa - start by thinking about whether your current wardrobe setup is working for you. Is there one drawer that's perpetually a mess because you're always tossing tops aside, looking for the shirt you want to wear? Can you actually make out every item hanging in your closet? If not, explore other ways to organize your clothes. For example, take your most-loved pieces and keep them in the same drawer to avoid scrambling to find one. Or divide your clothes up by occasion - work, fun, parties, formal occasions. Or organize everything by colour to get a full grasp of the spectrum of shades in your wardrobe. 
Once you've got an organizational scheme figured out, go through every item of clothing you own and sort it into one of four piles (or racks, or drawers). Keep - for the items you wear on the regular and are either staples, or those extra special pieces you simply love and look fabulous in. Donate - for the items that maybe aren't your style anymore, you barely wear, don't feel good in, or have some sort of flaw. Sell - for good quality items (usually brand names) that you could try reselling through a consignment shop, or via an online merchant like eBay or Kijiji. Swap - Afraid of tackling your wardrobe purge alone? Anxious about letting go of that purple tulle skirt you love but never ever wear? Invite a friend or two over and have them go through your closet with you - and do the same with them. If there are items you're a little uncertain about, consider swapping them with a friend who's a similar size - you'll get a new item to refresh your wardrobe and worst case, you can always ask for something back if you're suddenly missing it.
You'll notice that 75% of those choices above - Keep / Donate / Sell / Swap - involve you getting rid of items. Trust me, it's a good thing. Your wardrobe will feel so much more manageable once it's pared down to things you truly love. If it stings to let things go - give yourself an incentive. Maybe for every ten items you part with, you'll let yourself invest in a new favourite, like a dress or cardigan from Ever Rose!
Strategy Two: Remix Challenge
If you've already pared down your wardrobe but are itching to keep it interesting, this is a great way to do so! Take at least five of your favourite items from your closet and set them on your bed. Then challenge yourself to come up with at least four different ways to style that item, and roll them out over a season. For example, if you've got a beloved black and white striped shirt, try pairing it with a skirt and heels one week, and jeans and a scarf the next. Force yourself not to repeat items with each outfit combination - you'll be amazed how a simple favourite can feel fresh when you shake up what you wear it with. 
In a similar vein, take an accessory and reverse engineer an outfit. Instead of thinking of the accessory as the finishing touch, make it the star of your outfit - and try to come up with at least three different ways to rock it. Not only is this an inventive way to get dressed (and discover new combinations), it's also a good way to test how versatile your accessories are - they can use a purge every now and again too!
Strategy Three: Flip Focus
This is my favourite way to always stay on top of what's working in my wardrobe. It's also helpful for the two challenges listed above, as it helps identify when it's time to let something go and forces me to be creative. Best of all - it's SO simple. 
Start by taking every item in your closet and flipping the hangers backwards, so the open part of the hanger loop is facing out toward you. From there, every time you wear something, when you hang it back up, flip the hanger the 'normal' way (you can of course, do this in reverse - start with the normal hanging way and flip it backwards after wearing). Try NOT to wear anything you've flipped in the opposite direction again until you've either run out of 'new' things to wear, or till you're absolutely dreading wearing what's left. 
As I said, this exercise works on two levels. I recommend doing it over a certain period of time (depending on the size of your wardrobe) to give items a chance to be worn based on the weather and appropriateness. If you get to the end of a season or are halfway through the year and have a few items that you just can't seem to bring yourself to wear, ask yourself why. Did you really not have an occasion to? Did you try something on and not like what you saw? Whatever the case, if you're giving something in your closet the side eye, chances are it's time to let it go, making the wardrobe purge that much easier. 
On the flip side, this is a great way to feel inspired with what you've got to work with. The flipping action makes it feel like a game and can help you rediscover certain pieces you've maybe forgotten about. It also forces you to avoid rewearing the same ol' fallback items again and again. It's cool to have favourites, but the rest of your clothes have to earn the right to hang in your fabulous closet. 
While these are all great tactics to refresh your wardrobe, don't forget - there's nothing wrong with adding to your wardrobe when you're feeling uninspired. After all, your classic favourites have to start as new items at some point, right? 
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