The Truth About Ordering Online From The USA

Like we mentioned in our very first blog, one of the motivations for starting Ever Rose was to create an easier shopping experience for Canadian fashionistas.

Here's the deal. One of our co-founder Brittany's favourite things to do when visiting the U.S. is shopping. Although many American brands have made their way north of the border, there's quite a few that are still below the 49th parallel. As Brittany put it, "I love owning clothes that I won't spot on a million other people, and shopping abroad helps with that."

However, it's not like you can travel every single time you have an urge to shop. In place of that, Brittany started shopping online a bit more. But then, disaster (of sorts) struck. The Canadian dollar sunk to a relatively low point and is projected to stay there for a good while. Now, we're not economists and we don't want to get super dull when it comes to clothing, but we fully believe in making every fashion dollar count!

The reality is, shopping from the U.S. is actually frighteningly expensive when you add everything up. The prices may appear lower, but there's a few other costs you have to factor in. First, there's the exchange rate, which is closer to 25 cents on the dollar at the moment, but will likely hover around 30 cents for the foreseeable future. So that means you've got to add 30% to whatever item you're buying. If I were purchasing a $60 dress, that's an extra $18, bringing our total up to $78 Canadian.

Next, while it may feel great to 'save the tax', if your package is stopped at Canadian customs, the bulk of which are, you'll be assessed tax on it at that point, plus you may have to pay duties (depending on the fabric and country of origin), as well as a brokerage fee for whatever courier cleared your package. You're likely looking at an additional $15-$30 on that original $78 purchase.

Plus, there's also shipping to contend with. It's no secret that international shipping can be pricy - usually climbing above $10 USD. And again, you've got to factor in that 30% exchange rate, meaning you're probably paying upwards of $13-16 for shipping.

All in all, that $60 dress could easily end up costing you well over $100. That's a hefty price to pay for originality! Of course, I know there are exceptions - you may nab free shipping, or purchase items from a company that includes the duties upfront, or not take such a hit on shipping because you're ordering multiple items at once. But there is one other factor to consider...and that is, what if you don't like it? If something fits funny or is way shorter than you pictured, the sad truth is when you're shopping online from the USA, it's pretty hard to justify sending it back, as you'll basically have paid to 'try something on'. Yikes.

The good news is, we carry a range of clothes that have all the personality and style of the clothes you love buying abroad - but without the headaches. No duties, no high shipping fees, no exchange rates. Plus, if you don't love what you bought, you can return it, for free!

So next time you're tempted to shop yourself a favour and stretch your fashion budget. Give Ever Rose a visit and see the latest styles we've got for you!

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