CPTS Part One - Colour

When it was on the air, we were big fans of What Not To Wear. Or at least, our co-founder Brittany was. For the uninitiated, this TLC program ran for a decade and starred Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, a fierce fashion twosome that made over women (and the occasional man) from all walks of life. Young and old, slim and curvy, short and tall, poor and wealthy; their aim was the same: Break these women out of their style rut so they can look and feel amazing.

Sort of sounds similar to what we're trying to do with Ever Rose. Whether you're a seasoned fashionista, or you haven't treated yourself to something fabulous in awhile, or you're afraid of diving into the world of fashion, we've got you covered (literally!)

But circling back to WNTW. On the show, Stacy and Clinton often repeated a mantra of four style tenets that should help guide your outfits. No matter what you wear, it should tap into at least one of these four components: Colour, Pattern, Texture and Shine. Heck go a little crazy and bring two of these aspects into your look (although you may want to avoid doing all four, as that could easily veer into sensory overload).

Today we're talking colour, which is a surprising area that folks may shy away from. In fact, some people are straight up colour-phobic. A friend of mine famously told me at one point that her entire wardrobe was black, white and navy.

Why the fears? Colour is an invitation to say 'notice me!', which of course, you may not always want. But colour can do wonders for setting off your natural features. A pretty aqua dress, like our Something Out of a Dream Dress, can bring out the bright tones in blue eyes, or contrast dramatically against dark brown hair.

Colour is also an excellent way to project confidence. When you enter a boardroom and one person is brave enough to don a navy and electric coral dress, like our Sixes and Sevens With You Dress, in a sea of beiges and greys, you'll stand out. People will pay attention to you and what you have to say. We particularly love this dress because navy blue is a pretty universally flattering colour. One of the other sticking points when it comes to colour for some people is not being able to 'wear' certain shades. Orange can be one of those shades - but when it's only on your lower half, it's a breeze for virtually any skin tone to rock.

Finally, colour can dramatically impact your mood - in the best possible way! Donning a favourite colour can instantly brighten your spirits, boost your confidence, and make you smile every time you catch a glimpse of your reflection. And of course, some shades are just naturally designed to lift you up - like the sunny yellow of our Melt Like Lemon Drops Dress.

Long story short? Don't be afraid of colour. It's a great tool to have in your wardrobe, and one of the easiest ways to take an outfit from basic to beautiful.

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