Ever Rose Brand Spotlight: Yumi

When we created Ever Rose, we knew we wanted to stock brands that had some personality - but were also pretty easy to wear. In getting started, one of the first things our co-founder Brittany did was rifle through my wardrobe and jot down the brand names of items she'd received tons of compliments on over the years. One of the clear winners? Yumi.

Yumi is a British brand that has nearly 20 years of history behind it. They started out as a stall in Camden Market in London, which if you've never visited, is a treasure trove of never-ending boutiques and stalls. Honestly, it's a bit like a fashion rabbit hole - you hop into one building and there's all these hidden passageways and stairwells and hidden gems.

Of course, Yumi has since graduated to a global fashion house with five brands under it, including Uttam Boutique, which we also proudly carry here (The Bunny Trail Dress is an Uttam Boutique item).

The main thing Yumi is known for is their prints. Rendered in tons of different fabrics and cuts, every season Yumi carries everything from quirky graphic prints to dramatic geometric styles. Looking in my own wardrobe I've got everything from a funky urban city block print to a retro-inspired dice and card suits print. This is why Yumi gets the Ever Rose stamp of approval. Fun, one-of-a-kind prints + easy-to-wear, chic cuts = a winning combination. One that will turn heads and make you happy to put on a Yumi dress, no matter how much of a Monday you're having.

Best of all, when you're wearing an awesome print, it makes accessorizing a breeze. Start by grabbing a pair of flats or heels that picks up or complements one of the colours in the print. For example, with our The Signature of All Things Dress from Yumi, you could do some patent red flats to match with the belt, or a pair of gold sandals to tie into the earthy vibe of the print. Want to add some accessories? A simple gold necklace works well with the golden-hued elements of the pattern. Contrary to popular belief - prints are the easiest things on the planet to accessorize with because you have so many options, virtually anything that doesn't clash will look great.

Want to browse our current Yumi items? Click here to view all items we currently stock from Yumi - and stay tuned for new arrivals to Ever Rose in the coming months!

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