The Easy 1-2-3 Guide to Figuring Out Your Measurements

The number one key to buying clothes online? Knowing what size to buy.

Here at Ever Rose, we provide full measurements for every dress we stock. Why? Because we want you to feel confident in buying the right size off the hop. Of course, if you're still concerned or between sizes, you can always buy two sizes of a dress and return the one that doesn't fit quite right - free of charge!

But to save yourself some hassle, we've created a simple guide to figuring out your dress measurements. All you'll need is a flexible tape measure - the kind you'd use as a seamstress - and possibly a mirror.

Step One: Measure Your Bust
Take the tape measure and wrap around around your back, pulling it to the front and over the fullest part of your bust. Make sure you keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground. As an extra hint, if you've ever had a professional bra fitting, the same number in your bra size (like 32A or 40C) is also your bust size.

Step Two: Measure Your Waist
Your waist is the narrowest part of your torso - between your bust and your hips. Try looking in the mirror to make sure you're hitting the right spot. Wrap the tape measure all the way around to get your waist size.

Step Three: Measure Your Hips
When measuring your hips, this time you'll want to go for the fullest part of your lower body. Wrap the tape measure all the way around to determine your hip measurement - be sure not to go too high or you'll risk getting too small of a measurement. Again, a mirror can help you zero in on the right spot.

Jot down all three measurements and keep them handy when browsing Ever Rose. You'll also want to think about length. Most of our dresses are 35" or longer, which typically hits just above the knee. However, where a dress hits on you can vary based on a number of factors. If you're shorter, expect it to go past your knees - if you're taller, vice versa. A larger bust or curves can also make a dress flare out a bit or bring it up, which can make a dress appear a touch shorter.

We hope this helps you when shopping at Ever Rose! If you ever have any questions about a dress and what the best size for you might be, feel free to reach out by emailing

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