The Fashionista's Ever Rose Manifesto - Part One

One of the first questions I get asked about Ever Rose is why I was motivated to start an online boutique at all. People knew I loved shopping and fashion, but it's one thing to shop and quite another to open a store of your own.

Over the years, I've developed a distinctive style for myself, one that is embodied in the type of clothing we carry at Ever Rose - clothes with personality, polish, and an eye-catching appeal to them. I have literally been chased down the street, in a grocery store, through a store, you name it, with people asking me where I got a particular dress or top or bag.

Here's the tricky part. A large reason why my style is so distinctive is I've always actively been on the hunt for new brands, ones that you can't find in a million places, to the point where it's unlikely I'd cross paths with anyone in my city wearing the same item. That's no small feat.

Two significant things happened that finally prompted me to start Ever Rose. The first was taking a hard look at some of my purchases and favourite stores - a fair number of which were from the U.S. I was tired of waiting forever for my items to appear, sometimes over three weeks, not to mention always antsy about them getting lost. And, when it really came down to it, I was paying a lot. When you added up the exchange rate, shipping, and oftentimes, duties, I could easily be paying 50% of an item's value in annoying fees. And if an item came and it didn't quite work? I was kind of stuck with it - there's no way I was paying to send something back after shelling out for all those fees.

When I first started discussing Ever Rose, I knew I wanted to create a shopping experience similar to the ones I was enjoying south of the border, with the same unique and fun styles, but without the hassle and costs.

The second source of my wardrobe is primarily independent, bricks and mortar boutiques based here in Canada, which I love, and support, and you should too. But this was also the second catalyst for Ever Rose. For awhile, I was noticing the bulk of the clothes in some of my favourite boutiques felt less and less like my style. Or really, less and less practical. As a working professional in a creative role, I had a bit of flexibility in my day-to-day style, but I still needed pieces that were appropriate for the office. But I didn't want to resort to stiff, boring, traditional 'work wear'. I was finding it more and more difficult to find items that offered a mix of personality and practicality, and while I think crop tops, cutouts, cutoffs, and leather are all fine and awesome and stylish - the reality is, most people can't wear them other than a day off spent at a music festival, if that.

So I set out to curate a collection of clothes that offered what I couldn't easily find online, in Canada. Pieces that look beautiful and catch attention. Items you can wear to work, to a social event, or even just for a shopping trip. Clothing that's affordable, easy to wear, and appealing to pull on during even the most dreary of days.

The important thing is, we are not trying to start an army of style clones. Ever Rose is not a carbon copy of my closet, but it builds off of the things I've long been complimented for - chic, distinctive, simply beautiful pieces. We hope you love them as much as we do.


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