Motivation Monday: Hair to Be Different

Each Monday, we're rolling out a new challenge to change the way you think, act, do, or feel. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be motivated to try something different for a week. And if you love it, keep it going!

Hair Tutorial Motivation Monday

This week's challenge is oh so simple! We're challenging you to give your head a shake - in the form of shaking up your daily hair routine and style. Hair can be an underestimated accessory that can change your entire look - think about how much attention a celeb gets when they debut a new short crop, for example.

While we're not suggesting you slice away your locks, we do think it's important to push your boundaries a bit. Reinventing your hair routine can make you feel more confident, or provide inspiration in other areas of your life.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few points for consideration:

Oil Slick Hair

What do you love right now?
The first step is to take a look in the mirror and decide what you actually currently love about your hair. Is it the colour? Length? Texture? Those are the things you may want to focus on, to bring out your best features. For example, if you've got curly locks but you rarely have time to style them, why not take a look and see what innovations have been made - is there a shortcut you can try out?

Conversely, it's okay to pick out the things you wish were different about your hair. Tired of the dull dishwater shade? Maybe this is the week where you go Pinterest surfing to check out some colour trends. Some of our 'out there' favourites? Opal, Oil Slick, and Blush Ginger Balayage.

Product play
Once you've decided what direction you want to take your hair this week, take a look at your hair care products. It's totally cool to find that star product that clicks for you - we're not saying toss it in the trash! What we are saying, however, is that it never hurts to see what else is out there.

If you have a product you use daily, read some reviews to see if there are new players in that product category worth testing out. If you want to finally tame some aspect of your hair - like frizz, limpness, or dullness - do the same thing, see what products can help revive your hair back to life.

Keep in mind that overuse of a product can somewhat diminish its effectiveness. How you ask? Through the build-up that naturally occurs. Another good option this week is to invest in a clarifying shampoo - that alone can have a serious impact on your hair!

Hair Accessory

Style it up
Of course, the easiest (and cheapest) way to reinvent your locks is to style them differently. Before you panic and tell us that you've tried all those Pinterest / Instagram-worthy tutorials and utterly failed, here's a few suggestions to show you how easy it can be to adjust your look:

- How do you typically wear your hair to work? In a ponytail? Leave it down. Long and straight? Try mermaid waves with some texturing spray and a curling iron.

- What's going on with your hair at night? You can actually let your pillow do the work for you - consider one of the many overnight heatless curl tutorials, try braiding your hair for effortless waves, or throw your locks up into a top knot for instant a.m. volume.

- Add an accessory! The range of affordable hair accessories out there is astonishing, and a simple way to dress up your existing look. A sparkly barrette, headband, clip, or even a hair tattoo can all be unique ways to liven things up! 

- Play with length - scissor-free! Want longer locks? Maybe this is the week you try out hair extensions (which are also great if you want to add in a splash of colour). Want your hair out of the way? There are even tutorials for how to fake a bob without losing an inch.

And of course, don't forget about those tutorials online. Our tip? Start with the basics - master a braid, french braid, and dutch braid, and you'll find many of those complex-looking styles you see online are actually a snap to create.

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