Motivation Monday: Beauty Clean Sweep

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Did you get an invigorating feeling from cleaning out your kitchen cupboards the other week? Well we’re building off that this week, by having your turn your attention to another oft-overlooked part of your life that needs some clearing out. Namely, beauty products. If you thought the expiry date on that salad dressing in your fridge was off-putting, you won’t believe how long many of us hang onto our cosmetics well past their ‘use by’ date.

Why should you clean out your beauty clutter? Well for one thing, as soon as you open a product and it’s exposed to air, the clock starts on its exposure to the elements. Old cosmetics can harbour bacteria, which can lead to infections or skin irritations, plus give your products a funky, rancid smell. Ick. Beyond that, some products also just lose their effectiveness over time.  

Here’s a quick primer to when you should throw out some of the most common products in your arsenal:

Blush – 2 Years
Concealer – 1 to 2 Years
Eyeshadow – 6 Months to 2 Years (Cream shadows have a shorter lifespan)
Eyeliner and Brow Pencils – 1 to 2 Years
Hair Products – 1 Year
Lipstick and Lip Liner – 1 to 2 Years
Liquid Foundation – 6 Months to 2 Years
Mascara – 3 to 6 Months
Moisturizer – 6 Months to 2 Years
Nail Polish – 1 to 2 Years
Perfume – 2 Years+ (Depends on the perfume)
Powder – 2 Years

Keep in mind that not every product is going to align to this guide perfectly. Your best bet is to do a smell and swipe test. If a product smells seriously funky, toss it. If you swipe a product on your hand and find it’s nowhere near the vibrancy you’re used to, same deal.

Finally, don’t forget about your makeup tools. You should be washing makeup sponges after every use. If you’re a brush girl, give ‘em a wash every few weeks. A good quality brush can last for years with proper care.

The good news is this beauty clean sweep won’t take up a ton of time this week. If you’re itching for more motivational action, why not make an inventory of the products you’ve tossed? From there, do some research to see if it’s time to try out some new products instead of an old standby. Read reviews, nab samples, and refresh your beauty collection – you may end up seeing a whole new side of yourself!

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