Being a Buyer Part Three: Sample Sale!!!

If you've read our Fashion Buying blog series, then you'll already have gotten a cool glimpse behind the curtain as to how many retailers make their picks each season. To recap though, twice a year, brands will release their collections at wholesale trade shows, which buyers like us at Ever Rose visit to decide what they want to order.

There's an interesting part to all of this though that we haven't really touched on. What happens to all of those samples after the shows are done and the orders are placed?

The reality is, most of those samples just end up sitting around, even though they're often in great condition. That is, until now.

We're psyched to be launching a new Sample Sale program exclusively for Ever Rose customers. We're offering up of-the-moment pieces for end-of-season prices! Below are a few of our most common questions when it comes to samples.

What's the difference between sample sale items and regular store items?
Sample sale items may have slight style changes from what you see in photos - for example, a jacket in its final form (i.e. what's pictured) might come with a different style of button than the sample.

In addition, samples have been gently handled at trade show events. What does this mean? Buyers will take items and hold them up, photograph them, put them on racks, feel the material, and on some occasions, try them on. Generally speaking though, the level of handling is not much different than an item you'd buy at a store.

Why are the prices so good?
Everything else we sell at Ever Rose has never been worn (unless it's been returned by another customer), and apart from an inspection or use for photography, often hasn't been touched before it ends up in your hands. 

Because sample sale items have been handled prior to getting to you, we're able to offer amazing prices. Rest assured, the items shouldn't be damaged or defective, however all items are sold in 'as is' condition.

Why do you only have one size?
When a vendor orders a run of samples, typically they will receive them in size small across the board. Thus, size smalls are all we have to sell on our end too.

Can I return a Sample Sale item?
All Sample Sale items are final sale and cannot be returned.

Ready to get shopping? Visit the Sample Sale section of our site and snap your faves up in a hurry - we've only got one of each item in stock!

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Marla Dunn

Marla Dunn said:

Just wondering if you can give some measurements or approximate number size equivalents for the size smalls, particularly those available through the Sample Sale.

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